Da’wah for Dummies

Da’wah Definition
  • Literally means: call, invitation
  • Islamically has two levels:
                1-To invite people to be good and do good deeds (Islamic behaviours)

                2-To invite people to believe in Allah (Islamic belief)


Who to do da’wah?

It is compulsory upon all Muslims.Different type of dakwah to different type of people, according to each level of knowledge.Dakwah is NOT the sole responsibility of ulama and asatizah.

why we need to da’wah?

1-Surah Al-Haj, verse 67: Invite them to your Lord.

2- Hadith Bukhari: The religion is an advise. For the sake of Allah and His Prophet, to the leaders and to the general public.

3- There is no specific clause that dakwah is limited to the ulama and asatizah only

Target Group?
  • Need to determine who are our target groups.

  • Criterion for selection:

1-Realise our level of knowledge

2-Our comfort level

3-Our connectivity to the target group

4-Our estimated success rate

Target Group-Muslims

What to look for:

  •  Level of Islamic knowledge

  •  Level of awareness

  •  Internal urge to change for the better

  •  Tedency to do mischief

How to do da’wah?

  • Basic guideline:

            125. Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.
            126. And if you punish then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, verily, it is better for the patient ones. 

            127. And endure you patiently, your patience is not but from Allâh. And grieve not over them and be not distressed because of what they plot. (Surah An-Nahl)


Modes of Da’wah

  • Dakwah bil-lisan (verbal dakwah)
  • Dakwah bil-hal (behavioral dakwah)

Channels of Da’wah

Through the mind:

  • Logical deduction

  • Sufficient evidences

  • Theological

Through the heart:

  • Good behaviour

  • Universal moral values

  •   Theological

The Don’ts for Da’wah

  • Don’t highlight the differences of ulama on jurisprudic points

  • Don’t scare people away

  • Don’t start with the more difficult aspect of Islam

  • Don’t politicized Islam

  • Don’t make Islam racial

**By Ustaz Firdaus Yahya (one of the lectures from D-Talk)


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