Eating manners

1. Before and after eating one should rinsed the mouth wash the hand and finger tips. (Ahmad. Mishkat:301).12. The Prophet of Allah said: The blessing of food consists in ablution. (Trimidhi Abu Dawud. Mishkat: 402)
2. Recite “Bismillahhir Rahmannir Rahim” (In the name of allah the Beneficient, The most Merciful) before putting in the first morsal in the mouth; and if one forgets to recite it then no sooner, one realizes the mistake than he should recite “Bismil lahi awal wa aakhiruhu” (in the name of Allah at the beginning and at the end). (Bukhari 22:341 ? Muslim. Abu Dawud)
3. Do not sit on a table on which intoxicants are served. (Tirmidhi?Nasai Mishkat 4276)
4. Use of spoons, forks Knives etc, for eating are not desirable, however if the use of cutlery becomes indispensable then there is no harm. Once the Holy Prophet used a knife. (Bukhari: 11:183).
5. If you do not find any dish delicious or tasty neither condemn it nor abuse the cook but just abstain from eating it and with draw your hand. (Ibid)
6. Food is a graciousness of Allah so do not waste it. Nothing should be left in the plate to be thrown off.(Ibid?Muslim)
7. Do not start eating till all the family members nor co?eaters take their seats and do not shift dishes of one table to the other.(Bukhari 22:263)
8. Do not giggle, gesticulate or speak loudly. Maintain an air of dignity and do not exhibit greediness. (Muwatta).
Voracious eating is Ominous. (Baihaqi Mishkat: 4052)
9. The Prophet of Allah said: The Muslim eats in one intestine and the unbeliever in seven intestines. A guest came to the Holy Prophet. He asked a goat to be milked for him. The guest drank it all. A second goat was milked, he drank it too. He thus drank off the milk of seven goats.
The next morning he became a Muslim. The Holy Prophet gave him one goat’s milk and he could not drink it. It was then that the Holy Prophet said that a Muslim drinks with ‘one intestine and the (unbeliever) with seven (Muwatta : 1653)
10. Umar b. Al?khattab reported that. Prophet of Allah said: Eat together and not separately for the blessing is associated with the company. (Ibn Majah Mishkat: 4071)
11. It was the custom of the Prophet of Allah to eat with the fingers. (Muslim Mishkat: 3983)
12. When you eat you should eat with the right hand and when you take the courses or served items you should hold the servicing spoon with the left hand, if you hold the.servicing spoon with the right hand you will make it greasy and cause aversion to the other (Muslim, Mishat-3982)
13. What is laid in front of you and do not stretch your hand over and across the dishes; thus you are blessed. (Bukhari:22:342)
14. Eating in standing posture is against Islamic customs. The Prophet of Allah highly deplored and deprecated this way of eating. Those who are blind folded with the european culture have unscrupulously adopted the Buffet system. Muslims who earnestly desire to follow the “Sunnah” should avoid such dinners.
However under unavoidable circumstances if one has to eat in standing positions it is an exceptional case. Exceptions do not break the fundamental ethical principles. Anas reported that he saw the Holy Prophet squatting and eating. (Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat: 4003)
15. Use of crockery and cutlery made of gold and silver are strictly forbidden. The Prophet of Allah said: One who eats or drinks in gold or silver plates, bowls, tumblers and dishes blows fire of Hell in his stomach. (Bukhari 23: 593)
16. The dishes should be kept covered and nothing should be eaten until the force of its steam had gone, because then it becomes more effective in producing a blessing. (Darimi : Mishkat : 4055)
17. If the food is being served and Adhan is pronounced first eat then proceed for prayer. (Fiqa Ibn Masood)
18. After eating one should throw away what he removes with a tooth ? pick and swallow what he removed with his tongue. (Mishkat : 324)
19. 1f fruits or deserts are served do not grab or pick up two pieces at a time. Take One, eat slowly and after finishing with one go for the other. Once the Holy Prophet prohibited from eating two dates at a time (Bukhari. 22: 409)
20. Abu Sa’id al Khudri reported that when the Prophet of Allah finished his food he said: “Praise to Allah who has given food and drink and made us Muslims. (Ibid:4020)
21. Urwah b. Zubair reported: Whenever any article of food and drink was brought before me, even if it were medicine, I would eat and drink and say: All praise is to Allah Who gave us to eat and drink and granted us favours. Allah is Great O, Allah we desire heartily that You complete Your favours on us and prompt us to be grateful. There is no good save Your good. There is no true Allah but You. O, Creator of food and the Preserver of the whole world, all good is Yours. Nothing is true save You. None has power save Allah. O, Allah! bless our sustenance and save us from the Fire of Hell. (Muwatta: 1678)

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  1. Dr. Ibrahim Ayoub says:

    Thanks, Very nice indeed.
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  2. Salam Alaik~

    Afwan bout tt.. i dun even realize it. n pardon for the big font. shall change it soon, insyaAllah.. If you have anythg to share, can email me 🙂 so tt i can post up for u..


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