CreaTive DHL aD

Kurang asamnyer burung! HUHuUuu~~

Cute, cuTe~~

pssss.. One msg tt i can tink of bout these 2 videos is: ‘There’s a virtue in refusing to retaliate’ 🙂

but the cat and bird still look cute! 😛


2 thoughts on “CreaTive DHL aD

  1. hey..wah msylh nice wordpress blog. so, u r going web 2.0 eh? wordpress definitely has a organised archiving and searching system worth having for a blog. i’m still in the midst of learning abt wordpress and might convert to it much later on. Blogspots are still cool as they allow tagboards and widgets to be embedded. can wordpress do that?

    anyway, have fun with ur new blog. warmest regards,

  2. SaLaam reMy 🙂
    heh~~ taNx very Much.. anyway, the template is already there.. u juz need to cHoose.. ez kan?? web 2.0 to mende eh?? hehe.. im nt Good at IT stuff ah.. so, endure with me.. *slow*

    both blogspot n wordpress have their strengths n weaknesses.. but worth using wordpress 😉

    widgets are allowed to be embedded but not tagboard. but i tink comments are sufficient aite?

    by the way, im still blogging at my blogspot.. but later ar.. hehe~

    tanx 4 visiting 🙂

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