This is wat i learnt for the last tutorial for LSCM (Logistic and Supply Chain Management). Kewl~~ hehe… it’s So Hi-Tech!

Application: [in the supermarket] Sometimes u find the shampoo (brand XX) u want is not on the shelf (out of stock). then how does RFID come abt?? ok.. (tis is wat i understand hah..)… k, once the last person bought the same shampoo (brand XX) and the cashier has scanned it upon buying, RFID (probably at the bar code- OR, its like a chip perhaps- u can find this at the back of TP lib books. hUuHu~) is read and msg is sent from the cashier counter to the warehouse wic stores the inventory. Once they (the ‘man’ in the warehouse) know tt somebody has bought the last shampoo of brand XX , they will send stocks to the supermarket so as to replenish the stock aaand this can eliminate the prob of OUT OF STOCK! woW~~ kewL~

For more details, do watch the videO.. alrite?? (and pardon for my bad eng lang usage HohoO~)


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