Uncertainties Of Death

Everybody tries to avoid thinking about this.
Because…. the fact that most people are afraid to die.
However, death will certainly come, one fine day…
Only He knows when, how, and where…
Narrated Abdullah r.s: Allah’s Mesenger peace be upon him said,
“The keys of unseen are 5: Verily Allah! With Him (Alone) is the knowledge oh The Hour,
He sends down the rain and knows that which is in the wombs.
No person knows what he will earn tomorrow,
and no person knows in what land he will die.
Verily Allah is Al-Knower, Al-Aware
(Sahih al_Bukhari, vol 6 Hadith no 151)
Read The Lessons from Death by Harun Yahya 🙂
(watch it only it dark place and when u are alone. hehe~
InsyaAllah kiter semua insaf.
Orang yang pandai itu apabila dia tahu yang dia akan mati
dan akan bersedia untuk mati…



Ya Allah..fitrahkanlah diri ini tika aku menghadapMu kelak seperti mana fitrahnya aku ketika kau menghantar aku ke dunia.


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