The Poor but true believer is Most favoured by Allah

Allah Said: Truly of those devoted to Me the one I most favour is a believer who is of meagre means and much given to prayer, who has been particular in the worship of his Lord and has obeyed Him inwardly (*), who was obscure among people and not pointed our, and whose sustenance was just sufficient to provide for him yet he bore this patiently. Then the Prophet (pbuh) rapped his hand and said: Death will have come early to him, his mourners will have been few, his estate scant.


(*) i.e. he has not been ostentatious in his obedience.


It was related by at-Tirmidhi (also by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ibn Majah).


Its Isnad (chain of authorities) is sound.


Text copied from Al-Nasir’s Hadith Qudsi Software v1.0,


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