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The English Islamic Bookshop

Darul Arqam Singapore,
32 Onan Road, Singapore 424484

Bookshop operating hours:

Monday to Friday : 10.00 to 9.00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 9.00 to 5.00pm
Public Holiday : Closed 


All are welcome k? 😉

See you there!


Diploma in Islamic Studies Programme

SaLam brothers and sisters!

Hope you are in the best state of iman and health 😉

Hey, I have a good news with me here JUST for you!
Yeahh you guys who are members of any Muslim Students Organizations/ Mosques
Centre for Islamic Management Studies (CIMS), a division of Darul Arqam Singapore,
is providing assistance for YOU who would like to enroll in
Diploma in Islamic Studies Programme
The ACTUAL course fee is $2950 (inclusive of GST and Registration fee).
However, we are offering you guys at ONLY $2000! (exclusive of $50 Registration Fee)

This is a collaboration between CIMS and International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

All modules wil be conducted here in Singapore and the language medium is of course English Language 😉
so, what are you waiting for?
Sign up now!
You may wish to visit for more details or
feel free to contact me should you have any queries okay?
(BTW, there is a max of 4 installments. So ya, no worries ;))
Thank you very much~

Yours truly,

Sis Nurashikin Binte Sa’adam
Center for Islamic Management Studies
(a training arm of Darul Arqam Singapore)

Tel: (65) 6348-8344 ext 33  
Fax: (65) 6440-6724
Postal Address: 32 Onan Road, The Galaxy, Singapore 424484