How to Win your Wife’s Heart ?


If your wife is still asleep when you have woken up, give her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Watch your wife’s beauty secretly. …

Whenever you have the opportunity, offer her a flower or a bouquet of flowers with a smile.

Rather than trying to satisfy her too much, feel and say that YOU are satisfied with her. Your own satisfaction will satisfy her.

Tell her twenty times a day, “I love you.” Send her SMS saying, “I love you.” If she says that she doesn’t believe you, tell her, “You have the right to disbelieve me, but I love you.”

On coming back home every time, give her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Tell her that she looked really nice when she was asleep last night. Really feel that she was made for you – so you’re not only happy, but satisfied too; you’re not only satisfied, but proud too.

Feel that you have never seen anybody like her and let her know it. Tell her, “I love you so much that I don’t want to see anybody else love you. Somebody who loves you more than I do simply doesn’t exist.”

Don’t look for her body. That’s already yours. Rather look for her mind. She’s looking for opportunities to offer it to you.

When she acts like a child simply enjoy the beauty of her frivolity.

Look her into the eyes and smile.

Respect her mother and father. And tell her to do so even if she doesn’t sometimes like them very much.

When you feel deep love for her ask her, “Have you cast spell on me? How can I remove you from my mind? I’ve tried but failed.” Saying that will make your love more real.

When you have the time play games with her. If you lose, ask her for a kiss. If you win, act like a child.

Taken from:!/ProductiveMuslims

May Allah give me and my friends a good companion to live with 🙂


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