Pre school teacher. My pride.


Something that Ive been doing and Im loving it. Back in secondary school, I revise my work by teaching those friends who are weaker than me. By doing that, I know everything that I know and everything that I do not know – yet.

Now that Im teaching, its a whole different story. Now, teaching requires lots of dedication, commitment and passion and not forgetting skills and knowledge.

I can’t simply let go off my responsibilties as an educator. I can’t simply feel lazy to teach a particular boy who is damn slow. I can’t simply assume that the children understand what Ive taught them. I can’t afford to do that.

For your info, Im teaching the pre-schoolers. And I tell you teaching the pre-schoolers requires you more than just being a teacher. You have to be everything to be a pre-school teachers. You have to be their mother when they need you. You have to be a nurse when they need you. You have to be a friend when they need you. You have to be a clown when they need you. Simply, they need you to be what they need.

You have to love them like how their mother treat and love them. They love if we hug and kiss them. They love our touch. Not the abusive touch but the loving and caring touch. They love when you call their names with love. They also need your scoldings when they think they deserve and after that, things are just gonna be fine. You have to explain what’s the reason behind those scoldings, they will understand and believe me, they will love you more.

You have to care for them when they are sick. Apply some oitment when they come to you crying,”Teacher, I have stomachache.” You have to apply bandage when they fall down and wound themselves. You have to be gentle to them.

You have to be their friends who play with them. You have to act like a child and make silly face to them. They, definitely, are going to enjoy your company. My children sometimes climb on my back and I’d carry them around. I love this as this reminds me of our beloved Rasulullah who is very loving to children.

I love my job, Alhamdulillah. I love what I feel when I go to work. But this doesn’t mean I don’t face bad days as a teacher. I do. But the challenge is to remind myself why am I here as their teacher. Why am I chosen by Allah to be an educator. I come here to learn and teach. To remember and be grateful. To love and be loved. To understand and be understood.

I hope my children will grow up healthily, be blessed in their life, be guided and hopefully, I pray they will become someone useful to our community 🙂

Children, teacher loves u very much.
As I am writing this, My heart is flooded with tears coz my profession is not just my job but it is my life indeed.



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