SaLaaM 🙂

May you be in the pinkest of health and bestest of imaan. hehe~

Alhamdulillah, im given the opportunity by Allah to share the beautiful words of Islam as well as whatever knowledge I posses. My ustaz once said that,”it is such a catastrophe if one who posses knowledge but doesnt know or want to share it with others @_@.

Hope we are those people who will be blessed by Him, ameen 🙂

Let me share with you: One Inspiration, One Mission and One Aspiration

My inspiration is our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, My mission is to share the Words of Allah through action and words and lastly, My aspiration is Allah’s blessing~


Feel free to leave comment and suggestion.

May Allah bless all of you >_^


WassaLaaM. Take care ya?

“Propagate my teaching even if one sentence..”-pbuh 🙂


12 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Salaam.. More entries will be posted up as time goes by. If you have anything like this to share and would like to post it in here, by all means =). do contact via email, msn or sms *heh*


  2. Mouhammad says:

    I was searching some thing (a correlation) about sujuud in salat and electromagnetical fields if you have some thing!!


  3. rahmat zainudin says:

    salam ukhuwah, ana dari surabaya-indonesia. tetap istiqomah di jalan da’wah.
    kalo ada info or ingin kenal ana kirim e-mail ya!

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