Cinta Allah dan Rasulullah s.a.w




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Feeling good?? Hmmmph.. That’s good! *k k.. pape jek laa eh shikin..*

Anyway! Im BACK!!!!
Away from the sorrow and eeeyah.. feeling fresh *Stretching*

The usrah yesterday was exceptionally enriching. Alhamdulillah, it has helped me to develop or rather improve my spiritual well-being (at the time where I was really really really down- and thanks God for opening my heart and thus I attended the usrah)

To have people like Ishak, Mokhsin and the newly-known bro, siswan, plus others were a blessing for me who is still terkial-kial wanting to be religious and stuff.

Yesterday topic was ‘Cinta Allah dan Rasul’.

Hehe…. U know what?? I’m still feeling guilty coz I din do much research on appointed topic. Sheesh! Kene improve ni… kalau tak smp bile Islam nak maju kan kan kan?

Oh ya! We started off the usrah with overview/summary from the previous 2 usrah. Recalling:
(1st) ‘Introduction to Usrah’ –Mixed usrah
(2nd) ‘Early marriage’ –gender-based

I started off with a sharing: there is this song by Chrisye featuring Ahmad Dhani from Dewa, title: ‘Kalau Syurga dan Neraka tak Ada’ (err… something like this..) The song captured my attention while I was editting some pics. The message that they wanna get across is:

Kite buat ibadah (e.g) mesti tulus.. not because of we want to enter the Paradise and we are afraid of the Hell.. In other words, we must do it just to please Allah and because we love Him.. if so we do something just for the sake of entering the Heaven, What if the Heaven and Hell do not exist. Get me??

On top of that, few brothers actually mentioned that keimanan (err… or izit something else??) is bertingkat-tingkat… at first (when we were small or rather permulaannya) + the nature of human beings who want rewards/ something in return when something else is being given, could assume or somewhat think that we do it for the sake of wanting to enter Paradise. Sape tanak kan masok syurga?? =)..

Yeaah.. but we must aware that actually we are supposed to do any good deeds for the sake of His pleasure. Afterall, the permission to enter the Paradise doesn’t rely on our good deeds done in dunia. Rather, whether Allah is pleased with us when we live our life in this temporary world (and the sincerity in ibadah is one of the countless ways we could actually attain His pleasure because in surah al’Israa’ says that: we, human and jinn, are created is to worship him..

Lotsa input being put across. Woooah! Still digesting them.

Ok, next about the Love of Rasulullah

I read somewhere that actually is always and usual to love someone if we gotta meet them. In the case of love for Rasulullah pbuh (peace be upon him),the love need to be instilled as we never meet him in person before. Yeah… cabaran kan? Hehe~ to love someone whom you never meet and only known through his seerah (history)!! BUT! That’s never impossible..

There’s a hadith shared by a bro (pardon me I cant recall the sanad-who narrated it-) saying that Rasulullah said to his companions that He wanted to meet his beloved ones. Then the companions asked: “Aren’t we your beloved?” and Rasulullah mentioned that they were his companions and his beloved ones are those people who love him but never meet him before.

Woooah! Touching kan?

That time I just woke up from sleep for subuh and it took me awhile to reaaaally WAKE UP and STAND UP when I heard this ceramah played on radio. This speaker was lecturing about the love for Rasulullah and at that point of time, he was quoting a hadith narrating to us about the death of rasulullah.

It was when Rasulullah was experiencing his sakaratul maut (when the angel of Death comes to ‘take’ us away). And as we are told, sakaratul maut tu pon sakit tauu… I read somewhere that the pain is like being slash with a very very very sharp blade/knife for 100 times.. Sedangkan Rasulullah yang dah dijanjikan syurga could really feel the pain.. ape lagi kiter ni yang selaluuuu sgt buat maksiat dan dose2..

*Come! Let’s instighfar*

Ok, back to the hadith… Since the pain is so much, Rasulullah asked the angel whether his ummat would encounter the same thing too.. And the angel of Death replied ‘Yes’.. and you know what…

*prepare to cry kk..*

The minute Rasullullah heard that, he was sO sad and he asked the angel to give him ALL the pain that his ummat will get when experiencing the sakaratul maut! He did that because RASULULLAH LOVES US SO MUCH –the ummat whom he never meet before!!

I was so touched and emotional when I heard that…. If he loves us, why in return we never try to love him??

Apart form reading his seerah, knowing his praised characters and selawat for him, there’s one thing a bro shared that could make us love him. He said that, if Allah’s beloved is Muhammad Rasullulah, who are we not to love him right??

Think think…….

Somebody shared with me a du’a which is good for us to practise tOo..
“Ya Allah, buatlah hatiku ini cinta pada sesiapa yang Kau cintai dan buatlah orang2 yang menyintaimu menyintaiku jua…”( the second part mcm ckp pasal jodoh pulak kkan?)

Sweet kan =)

Alrite! What else ehh… hmmph… I think enough for now.. can get personal update from me if u wanna noe moRe~

Next usrah will be 2 weeks from now. And it’s a gender-based one. So, sisters! We needa think of a topic. Any suggestion???

Beep me if you have any yO!


Last but not least…..

“And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out [from every diffficulty]. And He will provide him from [sources] he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, the He will suffice him”
Qur’an 65:2-3

My Fav quote: Allah can comfort you in ways nobody else can! Yakin kayy??

Take care dearest~


Pahlawan unggul. Khanzalah ;)

Kiter tertarik sangat dgn name Khanzalah, tho i dinnoe much bout him.. tapi ape yang kiter dgr2, dialah pahlawan Islam yang gugur sbg syahid di medan peperangan 🙂

extracted from:

Terdapat beberapa contoh para salafussoleh mendahulukan maslahah Islam dan jihad di atas segala maslahah peribadi, keluarga dan keturunan. Lebih-lebih lagi, perasaan yang cenderung terhadap keluarga dan isteri-isteri:

Seorang sahabat yang hatinya penuh keimanan; Hanzalah Ibn Abi ‘Amir yang berkahwin dengan Jamilah Binti Ubaiy pada suatu malam Jumaat. Pada keesokan paginya kaum muslimin di seru supaya keluar ke medan jihad. Sebaik sahaja Hanzalah mendengarnya, beliau terus mengambil pedang, memakai baju perang kemudian menunggang kudanya. Beliau menuju ke medan perang Uhud. Apabila peperangan bermula, beliau bertempur sebagai seorang pahlawan.

Setelah barisan kaum muslimin tidak teratur lagi, Hanzalah bertempur di tengah-tengah barisan kaum musyrikin sehinggalah beliau menemui Abu Sufyan. Beliau menyerangnya. Abu Sufyan pun tersungkur. Hanzalah ingin menyembelihnya dengan pedang. Tetapi Abu Sufyan menjerit mememinta pertolongan daripada kaum Quraisy. Suaranya didengari oleh beberapa orang. Mereka menyerang dan memukul Hanzalah sehingga ia terkorban sebagai seorang syahid.

Inilah dia Nabi Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, Allah Subhanahu wa ta‘ala telah mendedahkan kepadanya alam ghaib, lalu Baginda bersabda: “Saya melihat malaikat memandikan Hanzalah di antara langit dan bumi dengan air embun di atas bekas yang diperbuat daripada perak.” Para sahabat pun bersegera pergi melihat Hanzalah.
Mereka mendapati titisan air pada kepala Hazalah.… Lalu mereka bertanya kepada isterinya mengenai Hanzalah. Isterinya memberitahu bahawa sebaik sahaja beliau mendengar seruan jihad, ia terus keluar dalam keadaan berjunub dan belum sempat mandi wajib, dengan sebab itulah malaikat memandikannya.

Subhanallah.. Islam dan Allah adalah yang pertama di dalam hati pahlawan Khanzalah. Semoga kiter pon dpt mengutamakn cinta Allah dan rasulNya melebihi cinte kiter terhadap ciptaanNya yang lain. amiin 🙂